To all UK coilers

Hi all
(Terry I hope you let this through)

I was speeking to Steve bell last night(he`s on the Tesla-2 list)about
a list of all the coilers in the UK.

What I want to do is put your Name, E-mail address & location on my site
you want me to link to your web site no problem.
That way we can all stay in touch with each other and any new comers
will have
some one to get in contact with.
I`m not going to put anybody on the list unless they mail me first.

If any of you are on the "Tesla-2" list or go to the chat room`s can you
FWD this
for me so we can spread the word. 

My mail address is   michael.tucknott-at-virgin-dot-net

Cheers Mike      
If at first you don`t succeed......

It must be someone else`s fault so
Find them; Blame them; Make them pay