Re: Syncing Motors (was Re: new coil specs)

Hi Ralph, all,

> Original Poster: Parpp807-at-aol-dot-com
> << an exact position, which makes it undesirable for
>  "pacemaker" (fragile) xformers (like NSTs) >>

> Reinhard,
> You lost this back of the room auditor with the
>example of "pacemaker" and  NSTs???????

I just wanted to clarify that a normal induction motor,
which doesn´t sync into place, will kill "weak hearted"
xformers, like NSTs are. They hate overvoltage, because
when we use them for coiling purposes, they already see
more than their "normal" voltage. In sign use, the output
of a NST drops to 450V-1kV as soon as the gas inside
the tube is ionized and starts conducting. A "sign" NST
will never see the faceplate value of 6-15kV for any great
length of time. So we already streeeeeeechting our luck
using them the way we do. If the NST gets to experience
more voltage than it puts out in an open circuit (due to
false timing) it will sooner or later kill the poor thing ;o(..(.

Coiler greets from Germany,