Re: Believe it or not

>Original Poster: David Trimmell <davidt-at-pond-dot-net>
>I understand the FCC (due to budget cutbacks) really has dropped out of the
>enforcement side of things, at least for the small guy. Anybody know
>differently? I hear lots of fear, but have yet to hear of anyone (hobbies
>level TC experimenters) actually getting busted. Now if you are operating a
>Pirate Radio station, then you do have to watch your back. I was somewhat
>concerned while experimenting with my audio modulated Tube coil that
>someone would complain, but it was really a crappy transmitter.

Sort of true.. but, like enforcement of zoning laws, and everything else, if
someone gets a wild hair, and makes a pain of themselves (or happens to know
a Congressperson, etc.), then the FCC will come looking.

No Interference => No Complaint => No Enforcement