Believe it or not!

    After reading just about everything on this subject, I must agree with
Terry and Reinhard. First off we are making a big deal out of nothing. I think
that this suject should be put at rest until the second someone hears that some
darn politician wants to put some bans on our hobby.
    Like Reinhard said, pros such as Dr. Resonance, TTR, and kVA all run shows
and will give plenty of safety warnings, and make precaustions.(or they'd get
sued like heck, esp. TTR and kVA since they are based in CA and soo many
lawyers here are just sue happy). Also, Austin Richards does keep safety in
mind(even though his performance does seem crazy). I've met him once(along w/
Bill Wysock and Jeff P. -at- the SoCal Teslathon) and talked to them. They all
gave me the impression that they not only knew what they were doing, but they
also expressed safety concerns and made sure everyone was far away before
running their equpiment. These pros will help keep a good image for the rest of
us unless we all start to do crazy/stupid things and kill ourselves. 
    Being only 16, I will admit that my electrical/HV experience is nothing
compared to the majority of the members on this list. I know for a fact from
all of my hobbies (rockets, HV, pyrotechics) that common sense has saved my
butt more than one time and that most of us just need to practice common sense
and follow those "basic" rules. Though these basic rules might sound dumb, they
have saved my butt before and they will prevent any accidents from happening.
For example, when i store capacitors, they are never left unshorted. I don't
want a kid in my garage touching both of them and getting a zap and possibly
killing himself, i don't have the insurance(or the money) to cover that.
    In conclusion, the topic of the politicians "banning" our hobby(and
professions in some cases) shouldn't concern us as long as we remember to
practice common sense and remember the basic rules of safety for such a
dangerous hobby. Last, remember to respect your neighbors and not to run the
bigger coils late into the night and if they do complain, just shut it off and
say sorry.(that's what i do and i don't get complaints.(well otehr than that
psycho B-at-#% next door  that thinks my T/C is a big bomb even though i told her
millions of times it isn't)
Safe coiling to all from Los Angeles