Re: MidOhio TeslaFest

Hello all,

>I have a few more, and much more professional, ideas in this area that
>I've already begun to implement. Those caps (500uF 2kV each) should be
>capable of doing a lot more than just crinkling a can...

Was it in you preload power?  If you need other xfmrs, let me know.

>What was wrong with your coil? You were getting 18" streamers just a day
>or two before hand, weren't you?

The interesting part was that according to Mark, Dave and I both had our
coils configured improperly.  Once we hooked them up correctly, we got no
discharge :(.  Still working on it...

>> Finally, after some duct tape, vise grips and a couple of coat
>> hangers (just
>> kidding)
>Actually, vice grips would have been handy, and, I -did- use some amount
>of duct tape ;)

Just like I said to you at the 'Fest, Grayson, all you had to do was ask.
BTW, I just got a fantastic photo of you and Jordan fighting over the roll
of duct tape :)