Re: Capacitor!

I doubt WinTesla would recomend that size tank cap for a 12/30. Are you
sure you are not looking at the PFC cap value? If it's a PFC (and you
want to use PFC) then you need a PFC cap. Which are much less expensive
than the pulse caps we use for tank circuits. I would think for a 12/30
you would be in the .005-.01 uF range. My 15KV/60mA transformer has a
.01 uF resonant cap match. 


Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Spud" <spud-at-wf-dot-net>
> Hey.  My first Tesla coil (my first high-voltage project at all) is slowly
> starting to take form.  I am using a 12kV/30mA neon transformer, and
> WinTesla recommends a 0.7295uF capacitor for such a transformer.  If anyone
> else on the list has access to a capacitor of that magnitude, and you want
> to sell it, please keep me in mind. :)   (I'm hoping I won't have to pay
> too much for it, I'm a 17 year-old high-school student. :))
>         Thanks,
>              Ryan