I like what I've read about using an MMC. I understand the theory and once
the other modules are determined, I can use Wintesla or one of the other
formulas to determine the capacitance and voltage I need.

However, I have been looking through the Allied, Mouser, etc catalogs and I
need to know two things...well, maybe three.

1. What generic type of cap do I look for (polypropylene? etc)
2. The working voltage spec...AC or DC, ie 1600 V in a Sprague Orange
Drop...is 1000V OK? 2000V.
3. What spec in the caps description indicates that it is either good for an
MMC or NOT good?

Thanks and I continue to be overwhelmed by so much darned good information.
Should start a scrapbook! <smile>

Ted Rosenberg