New Pseudo-Toroid at webpage

 Hello coilers,

 >Of course my other spun aluminum true toroids are still available for
 >$32 for the 1.5"  by 6" size, and $126 for the 4" by 13" size.
 These toroids and the spun 3.5" by 11.5" pseudo-toroid ($68) can now
 be seen at my webpage at:     (all prices postpaid)

 I've also added a photo of the V-27 new tube coil project I'm currently
 building, at the webpage.  The V-27 features a lucite sec form, lexan
 end caps and primary form, spun toroid, 833A (or C) tubes, etc.
 John Freau
 49  Thiem Ave
 Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662