more alternatives

Hello everybody
Does anybody know the dissipation factor(coefficient?) of the ceramic
used in disc caps at TC frequencies?  Are they suitable for MMC use?  I
have seen .01uf 1kv ceramics for $0.10each in JAMECO.  If ceramics are
unsuitable, where can I get _cheap(er)_ polyprop. caps?  Is the reason
that polyprop caps are used that they are cheaper?  I am thinking of
building a small test (E)MMC for a 5kv 30ma NST, with a cap match of 15.9
nanofarads.  For something that lasts a long time do I need a 15kv cap
for the NST or a 20kv? And for a EMMC will a 12KV string work?

If anybody still remembers, I recently asked about using a cascade
multiplier in place of the primary xformer.  So I spiced and nutmeged the
circuit and received extremely discouraging results.  Oh well.

In the program TESLAC, it says that a 6-8" spark is pumped with
approximately 300watts.  In Gordon McCombs Gadgeteer's Goldmine, it has a
30watt ignition coil TC that gets healthy sparks with 6-8".  The
sparkgaps are set in his circuit to go at 15kv(approximately) and he uses
3 500pf doorknob caps.  It looks like a fairly standard TC.  With 300
watts shouldn't it therefore be possible to get 50 inch sparks if you
scale it?

MOUSER(or is it TECH AMERICA?) sells a 600v 19amp MOSFET.  Is this usable
for high power driving of a flyback or ignition coil(+150watts) without a
snubber diode?
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