Re: alternative static spark gaps???

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>Original Poster: "Michael Thomson" <miketz-at-cqnet-dot-com.au>
>I was out on a mine site today, and had to get some gouging done, and had a
>For those that don't know, Gouging is the electric welder version of oxy
>cutting, using hollow carbon rods instead of steel rods. (It is also
>extremely loud!)
>Would a setup like the old arc-lamps (self adjusting spark-gap with
>sacrificial electrodes) using these rods be of too high a resistance for
>coil use?

I imagine NO.

Not an expert but the whole premise of these systems is to maintain the 
arc, not extinguish it as we desire for TC use.

This was a clear lesson on one of my earlier static gaps.  I used dome nuts 
on the end of brass rod and some lengths of copper pipe for heat 
dissipation.  The dome nuts formed hollows in the ends which trapped 
heated/ionized gas and the subsequent performance was ABYSMAL !

I would imagine these hollow rods would suffer exactly the same problem 
....... unless you forced high pressure air down the middle ..... HMMMM ???




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