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<<  I used a
> device known as a neutralizing capacitor, commonly found in large R.F.
> amplifiers.  It has two round disks, about 2 inches in diameter, that
> can have the spacing between them varied with a vernier-like adjustment.
> The entire unit is mounted on large ceramic insulators.  I have my gap
> set at around 0.20", which seems to give the best results.  The spark
> is quite intense, with a loud, high pitched sizzling sound, and seems 
> to move around various parts of the disks.
> 73, Weazle, VE3EAR/VE3WZL


Congratulations on your first TC results.  Yes, I have seen others use
those types of caps as a gap.  They seem pretty good because the
large surface area probably helps to cool them, and the "moving around"
of the sparks like that prevents any area from getting too hot.

John Freau