Questions on Pig hookup

Hi All,

I just received two 14.4 10Kva pole pigs from Resonance Research.
They are heavy mothers, one of the larger ones weighs close to 380
lbs. One tag on one of the pigs says "McGraw-Edison". 

There are 3 primary lugs on both pigs but I'm asking if anyone 
knows the hookup scheme for 120 and 240v connection?

What kind of wire should I use for the top HV terminals, and should
it be run to the coil inside of PVC pipe for added protection?

Also, how much current should I input into the transformer 
section of Wintesla for cap matching - 10 amp, 20 amp, 
30 amp? 

It's my intent to use a heavy-rated 240v arc welder for 
inductive ballast, but will I also need to use some resistive
ballast for smoother operation, and if so, how much and 
what type? 

I'm proposing to build a 12-14" diameter secondary to use
on the xmfr, as a winter project.




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