Re: The MMC (was Re: Quick Question)

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Reinhard Walter Buchner" <rw.buchner-at-verbund-dot-net>

> To Terry, all:
> ----------------
> I am still working on that MMC proggy (part of my coiling
> program). This (complete TC program) might take ages
> to finish, which is why I am also working on a stand-alone
> MMC version, which I hope to get finished soon. However,
> I desperately need an equation for Tan Alpha. Using a lookup
> table is NOT exact enough. I start getting high deviations
> for misc. coils not having a *marked* value in the look-up
> table. I canīt make a look-up table for coils ranging from
> 50khz all the way up to 1Mhz+ in useful steps of say 20khz.
> Any ideas or formulas handy to actually calculate tan Alpha?
> Sorry for splitting hairs, guys ;o)
> Coiler greets from Germany,
> Reinhard


 When I was looking for a cap to use in my mmc I sourced several
suppliers one of which was Siemens Matsushita. They
sent me their film cap data book (1998). Anyway - in the rear of the
book are all the equations required to calculate every
parameter concerning film caps - including some referencing tan alpha.
It would be simple to resolve some of the equations
to calculate tan alpha directly. I can post you directly if you wish -
just let me know what format you want the equations in as some
'are complex graphically ;-) ..


 Robin Copini in OZ.