Nikkola's "arson" in Co. Springs-

Hey guys, not to be straying from the topic of HV caps and TC construction
so no offense is meant by this, it's just a question I'm absolutely dying to
have answered.

First let me just state that it is really a pleasure to read articles from a
list (tesla-at-pupman-dot-com) where the participants are all interested and
involved with the subject of TCs.  So I hope asking a question about Mr.
Tesla himself is not too out of character for you all to see here on this
list as I am a newcomer to the list and wish only to contribute to a
positive experience for everyone.

What I'd like to know about is what causes "inductive kickback" to occur.
According to the available history literature, Tesla was testing a very
large coil (energy transmitter?) when the power suddenly went out.
Apparently the local power station which had been supplying Tesla's workshop
had experienced "inductive kickback" and had caused the dynamo to catch
fire.  So I'd like to know what is this "inductive kick" and how can we
avoid it when coiling or powering any other large HV device power supply?
(I.E. do X-RAY machines have to watch out for this?)

Joel H.