Non-Linear Coils) was MidOhio TeslaFest

Hi Grayson,

At 12:46 PM 11/05/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Yes, Steve is most definately interested in coiling now, and, he may be
>set up fine style, commercial caps and a computer-wound coil,
>Possibilities courtesy of just wherever it is that his father works.
>Anybody know of and advantages to non-linearly wound coils? I think
>someone wants to give him a few really big mica transmitting caps there,
>too...  :)!

	I have done a little work, long ago, with a computer controlled coil
winder and non-linear coils.  You can definitly alter the normal field
paterns and perhaps try to even out the field stresses.  However, it really
is easier just to make the coil large enough to withstand the voltages
without resorting to such drastic and complex tricks.  More info at: