The MMC (was Re: Quick Question)

Hi Travis, Phillip, Terry, all,

> Original Poster: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com>
> MMC: Multi-Mini-Capacitor. Terry made it up, probably to
>avoid typing "capacitive banks" all the time. ;)

Dead wrong. While not usually being picky about who made
up what, it was me that made up the acronym MMC. Terry
and I started experimenting with the MMC idea at about the
same time (~Fall 1998) and posting our results to the List. As
there was quite a flurry of posts pertaining to the MMC, I soon
got tired of writing "multiple-mini-capacitors" and that is when
the acronym MMC was born.  After a while, Gary Lau "caught
fire" and built his own unit and also started posting results. This
was followed by Finn Hammer and eventually quite a few coilers
started using this kind of cap, because it has many benefits,
which, esp. those who have rolled or flattened their own, have
learned to appreciate.

However, EMMC IS copyright of Terry Fritz ;o). Essentially the
same as the MMC, only it uses less caps, which in turn makes
it cheaper. Terry uses the fact that all commercial caps are
overdesigned to "get away" with this design. There is, of course,
a tradeoff between lifetime (MMC) and cost (EMMC).

To Phillip:
The first posts on the subject were sometime in October
1998, so you might want to search the archives from there
on to find more info on design, testing and results.

To Terry, all:
I am still working on that MMC proggy (part of my coiling
program). This (complete TC program) might take ages
to finish, which is why I am also working on a stand-alone
MMC version, which I hope to get finished soon. However,
I desperately need an equation for Tan Alpha. Using a lookup
table is NOT exact enough. I start getting high deviations
for misc. coils not having a *marked* value in the look-up
table. I canīt make a look-up table for coils ranging from
50khz all the way up to 1Mhz+ in useful steps of say 20khz.
Any ideas or formulas handy to actually calculate tan Alpha?

Sorry for splitting hairs, guys ;o)

Coiler greets from Germany,