RS (was Re: Tank Cap Seal Failure)

Hi Ted,

> Original Poster: Ted Rosenberg <TRosen1-at-Tandy-dot-com>
> Finn: Is that Cat. No. [RS #143-7116] a local (Danish)
>RadioShack number? It isn't on my list here in the US.
> Ted Rosenberg
> RadioShack Corp HQ. (Ft. Worth TX)

No, RS as in R.S. Components, is an electronics/mechanics
company that usually supplies the industry over here in
Europe. Iīm not quite sure if they have a subsidiary in U.S.A.
They have almost all goodies you can dream of. Ranging
from alligator clips to Z-pinch accelerators. Okay, I confess,
the Z-pinchers are sold out at the moment ;o). Seriously tho,
they have a great selection of industrial stuff, which you
normally canīt get your hands on (here in Europe ;o}).

If anybody in Europe wants to try the toroid tuning method,
DO by all means look into R.S. Components. They have a
wide range of pneumo/hydraulic cylinders and activators.
If you really need a part badly, you can (for a small price
"update") get the part you need, if it is in stock, the SAME
day you order it (within max 8 hrs after placing the order)

Say, while talking about R.S. in the sense of Radio Shack,
do you guys (at Tandy) have any Radio Shacks here in
Europe? I remember sometime in 1982-83 there was one
located near the air base in Giessen, but itīs long gone.
While I was still living in the States, I always found RS a
nifty store for smaller projects. Starting at the tender age
of 7, I built just about all the P-Box kits that RS had to offer.

In 1981-82, you guys at RS allowed me to fiddle around
with the TRS-80. My first connection to computers........ ;o)

Coiler greets from Germany,