Re: alternative static spark gaps???

flash tubes -  check the rated life on the tubes - I did some work on this a
long time ago and a tube was then good for around 10,000 discharges - at 120
per second, let's see, that's 83 seconds.... maybe not long enough to be

re spark plugs - they are not designed to disspate heat from the "finger",
but perhaps if you cut the finger off and mounted them face to face in an
aluminum block you might get something barely useable - for a small TC you
could probably use almost anything (after all, if there is less energy,
there will be less heat).
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Subject: alternative static spark gaps???

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> Hello guys
> I was flipping through MOUSER and saw the little flash tubes that they
> have.  The big ones can handle 250 w/s and trigger at 6kv.  Could this
> make a decent spark gap for a small TC(such as a flyback-driven)? And
> what about using car spark plugs(carbon cables removed)?
> Bryan
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