RE: Believe it or not!

Someone please educate me. How would someone getting killed demonstrating a
Tesla coil in public for whatever purpose (as tragic as it would be) kill
the hobby? Some new law perhaps? Operating a Tesla coil outside of a Faraday
shield already breaks several FCC regulations and most of us probably do
that that every day anyway. Accidents are so few and far between and there
are so few people doing this type of demonstration in public I just can't
see a public outcry for a ban on Tesla coils. Of course I suppose as ban
happy as our government seems to be, there will come a
time in the land of the free where anything fun/dangerous/misunderstood will
not be tolerated. Hmmm! maybe I just answered my own question.

> Public accidents will kill your hobby and my profession.
> This type of public irresponsibility will subject Tesla coils
> to negative Federal and State scrutiny. I know this. Trust
> me. I will be revisiting this subject soon. Stay tuned.
> Jeff W. Parisse
> Director, kVA Effects
> www.teslacoil-dot-com