Re: Corona and Sphere - Puzzle -addition

Boris wrote:

> You and Antonio mentioned INDEPEDENT corona
> oscillations separatly of coil itself (1..30
> Mhz).These oscillations are  due to sudden break out
> of streamer that couse disturbance of upper few coil
> turns ..This discovery simoultaneously arose to be
> solution in my/Greg Leyh correspondance about year
> ago.Top turns -top electrode system behaves in some
> way as new much smaller  coil in that moment (Fr
> ~1...30 Mhz).Simply upper turns supply arc currents at
> few turns own freq.(see jpg.s  at www.lod-dot-org-dot-com).Why
> this happens is very complicated to explain but
> doesn't pretend to be strictly related my problem
> anyway.

I was thinking about an oscillator made of the coil
terminal and a spark channel only. I am not sure if
unconnected streamers exhibit significant oscillations,
but connected sparks certainly oscillate. The "inverse
operation" of the coil that you suggest is also a
real possibility, using high-order resonance modes
of the system.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz