Mid Ohio TeslaFest

To all,

First I would like to thank Kent and Kim for being such gracious hosts.
The food was terrific and the weather was perfect. I Know I gained 10

The Coilers:

Dr. Resonance had a very interesting display that included
demonstrations of Tesla's free power concepts. Other displays were a
Thompson Coil, and Noble gas tubes that were ignited by a tube driven
coil. Dr. Resonance's larger tesla coil that showed 3 to 4 foot
streamers. The good Dr. also explained all of his demonstrations and was
an enthusiastic source of information to the rest of us.  Many thanks!

Kent and Dave , (the hosts) also demonstrated 2 coils.  They were each
having trouble with the salt water caps.  Dr. Resonance assisted with
the coil tuning and some light streamers were emitted.  With the right
caps and larger gauge wires in the tank circuit I am sure they will be
getting big streamers in no time.

Grason's coil spent most of the evening fighting Grayson.  However with
a lot of patience and a few more jumper wires, (and after getting his
RSG to cooperate), Grason soon had large streamers going everywhere---
on the secondary, across the primary and also somewhere below the
primary.  After a few "TURN-IT-OFF's" Grason finally got some decent
streamers.  I think we had all the torrids in central Ohio stacked on
his secondary. Who says young people don't have persistence!

Jason Wallis also demonstrated his small coil that was powered by an oil
burner transformer.  This was the first time I have seen this type of
power system.  His coil worked very consistently.

Harvy demonstrated his Binary coil system.  This was also a first time
demonstration for most of us. This might have some interesting
applications for a dual tesla coil system, (food for thought).

All in all we had a good time doing the coil thing on a beautiful day.

Thanks again Kim and Kent!!!!

Cliff Fahrer