RE: alternative static spark gaps???

Bryan & List,
I tested a linear flash tube intended for Laser pumping about a month ago.
The electrodes were about 2" apart in Xenon gas
It was intended for ~1500V 20uF = ~22J 
Using my DC TC .1uF 7kV ~2.5J single shot mode:
  my usual 28" power arc maximums reduced to about 6"
  probably due to the series R of the conducting flash tube
  flashtube =~6kV self ignition (wispy arc through center bore)

Different flashtube construction may improve this but doesn't look

My intent was to reduce electrode deposition inside the glass,
determine where self ignition occurs,
allow higher rep rates (present bang rate 2/sec to ~1 every 5 secs)
  then use a HV trigger impulse if V was high enough but 
otherwise retaining the characteristics of the Jennings/Kilovac vacuum
 (acoustically quiet, precise external bang control, and quench well)
 I presently use as a controlled spark gap (I don't close the contacts, just

Regards, Dale
Redondo Beach CA

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Hello guys
I was flipping through MOUSER and saw the little flash tubes that they
have.  The big ones can handle 250 w/s and trigger at 6kv.  Could this
make a decent spark gap for a small TC(such as a flyback-driven)? And
what about using car spark plugs(carbon cables removed)?
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