Re: Super NST


    I used a good old Franceformer. It was the only 15/60 I had at the time
so I thought I would give it a try.


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> Subject: Re: Super NST
> Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 4:53 PM
> Original Poster: John Williams <jwilliams-at-edm-dot-net> 
> Aron,
> 	What brand of NST did you start with?  They aren't all
> built quite so tough, or at least in the past I've been led to believe
> that the quality of the beasts varies widely.
> 	John
> >Original Poster: "Aron" <kc5uto-at-wt-dot-net>
> >
> >Hi All,
> >
> >	I have seen a few posts about unpotting and modifying neons to get
> >50 or
> >100ma. I have access to an unlimited quantity of neons so I thought I
> >try something out.
> >	First I unpotted a 15/60 by what I consider to be the cleanest method,
> >freeze and chip. This worked great and got all the tar off. Next I
> >EVERY shunt out of the neon and put PVC spacers in there place. Then all
> >that was left to do was put it in a case and fire it up.
> >	After placing it in oil, I slowly fed power to it with my variac.
> >With the
> >"
> >new" trans shorted into my ma meter it read 210ma at full power. Yes! It
> >worked, I think. Now time for a real test. I disconnected the ma meter
> >connected my arc rod. With my 3' PVC rod with a nail at the end I drew
> >arc off. Wow! I was able to get it to almost 10".
> >	At this point I decided to look at the amp clamp, 35a at 120, not
> >bad. To
> >make sure the transformer could handle it's new output current I shorted
> >and let it sit for a few min. It got warm but not hot and nothing
> >Since this the modified neon has logged about 10hrs of flawless tc
> >
> >Aron