Re: Tank Cap Seal Failure

Yes, Nothing Sticks to PP or PE (if someone knows of something let me
know!). There are two ways to seal the lid (that I know of): Mechanical
seal, like the valve cover gasket in your car; Two: Fusing the two pieces
together thermally. You can melt PE/PP. But you must be very carful in
controlling the temperature, MP= 85 to 110 C (PE).


David Trimmell

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>> This week, I noticed that the lid on my oil-filled tank cap was lifting
>> off the container.  I have a 15 gal rubbermaid PP container with
>> snap on lid.  During construction, I used GE Silicone II Window and
>> Door sealant to secure the lid and I have had no problem until now,
>> a couple months after completion.  The guys at the hardware store
>> assured me that this stuff was oil-proof, but maybe not.
>> Now I must reseal the lid.  Is there a better sealant to use?  Any
>> tips for making sure it sticks this time?  Even after I clean the
>> surfaces, there will still be oil residue, so can the new coat of
>> sealant adhere to the surfaces?
>Permatex Red automotive high temperature RTV gasket sealer or blue
>regular temperature gasket sealer are oil-proof but I suspect that
>this is not really your problem.  I suspect that you will have a
>problem getting much of anything to stick to PP, its surface energy
>is so low.
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