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> Original Poster: Dale Hall <Dale.Hall-at-trw-dot-com> 
> Hi Boris, Malcom & List,
> I too have pondered this phenomenon and performed
> limited experiments in the
> one shot mode with my battery powered (12V 1W to
> 7kV, 2J 28" longest
> discharge) DC TC
> I believe "scientific controls" are necessary for
> the many variables
> involved.
> Answers to the corona question will require
> carefully controlled
> experiments.
> The gaseous dielectric into which we arc is a very
> dynamic environment.
> Standard atmospheric conditions is some control but
> not enough. 
> 0.) literature: results cited are controlled, point
> to point in a vacuum,
> etc, so
> 1.) The sphere must be isolated; well above ground,
> well below any ceiling,
>     away from walls and other obstructions - minimum
> distance TBD.
> 2.) The dielectric (gas) must be controlled - large
> non-interfering
> containment.
>     Control the affect of varying gas
> composition/density/humidity, etc.
>     Even a large glass containment sphere represents
> dielectric difference
> to be 
>   considered (corona/discharges have preference to
> dielectric density
> boundaries)
>   vacuum or controlled gas fill or a more stable
> (solid) dielectric
> substitute 
> 3.) The 2nd plate to the sphere must be as perfect
> as the sphere 
>    imperfections/density deviation in either promote
> leader/corona formation
> 4.) Control of when bang occurs helps observation
> correlation of each arc
> event
>     (many bangs/sec masks detail of individual
> event)
> Some thoughts:
> given, the sphere is perfect (no meaningful
> imperfections - polished)
> 1.) Corona represents partial breakdown in a
> constantly changing gas
> dielectric
> targeting the "other" (imperfect) plate of the
> "external" Ctop capacitor
>  External plate is undefined and uncontrolled with
> lots of imperfections,
>    each representing anxious corona points. 
>  The sphere (1 cap plate) is perfect, but the other
> 2nd plate is quite
> imperfect.
>  Even the experimenters body moving about has
> significant influence both in
>  physical variance and changing capacitance to the
> sphere plate and 2nd
> plate.
> (TBD: 
>  how far distant from a top terminal represents
> "out" of meaningful
> influence?
>  In a room; corner of two walls, the ceiling, the
> floor all represent 
>  proportional attractors "suitors" (parts of the
> "other" plate) begging for
>  corona issuance from the charge on the TC's
> uniformly charged sphere.)
> 2.) Corona represents a high energy high frequency
> plasma within a
> dielectric
>     It has characteristic LCR, therefore oscillates
> at it's own independent
> freq
>        My experiments indicate anywhere from ~1 MHz
> to ~30 MHz
>     The consequence is that the L of the arc may
> isolate its HF action from
>     the rest of the sphere (depending whether
> resonant connection is
> maintained)
>     (inductive reactance increases with freq 
> XL-at-20MHz >> XL-at-200kHz,
>      but that's negated by capacitive reactance
> while corona LC is resonant)
>     That would permit corona point independence from
> perfect sphere
> suggesting
>     theory of imperfection attraction mechanisms
> associated with the 2nd
> plate. 
> 3.) As corona grows it represents a growing point
> projection field
> concentrator
>     enforcing itself at a potential cost to the
> lesser leaders 
>     (better connection path to the 2nd plate
> dominates)
> 4.) note a sphere filled with water (high voltage
> charge) having lots of
> little holes, as a hole gets bigger its flow reaches
> out, the sphere
> pressure lessens, and the little holes don't reach
> as far. Holes are never
> exactly equal sized so the bigger one dominates the
> action, lessening
> potential of those lesser robust.
> Regards, Dale, rambling out loud from Redondo Beach,
> Calif

Hi Dale and everybody,
Among all the ideas I think Dale has the most deepest
and the most detaily proposed for workout so far.(I'm
glad Dale to hear from you again -via list anyway).I'm
sorry I cannot answer everybody  in person  
contributing to solution of the problem (time and
space limitations).Dale,you mentioned some corona
properties  which are intersting by themselfs but that
are not strictly related to this problem-for your post
can be seen that TC corona phenomena is ful of very
wide realm of effects to be still explained..
You and Antonio mentioned INDEPEDENT corona
oscillations separatly of coil itself (1..30
Mhz).These oscillations are  due to sudden break out
of streamer that couse disturbance of upper few coil
turns ..This discovery simoultaneously arose to be
solution in my/Greg Leyh correspondance about year
ago.Top turns -top electrode system behaves in some
way as new much smaller  coil in that moment (Fr
~1...30 Mhz).Simply upper turns supply arc currents at
few turns own freq.(see jpg.s  at www.lod-dot-org-dot-com).Why
this happens is very complicated to explain but
doesn't pretend to be strictly related my problem



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