Re: Streamer growth and filming it all (was Re: Corona and Sphere - Puzzle -addition)

I think the real problem you would run into using a high speed
camera with a tesla coil is the sensitivity of the film or CCD,
depending on if it's film or electronic.  Those half a million
frame per second film cameras are very light thirsty critters.
So you'd need not only a fast camera, but one that has a really
good film speed, or the equivalent.

The high speed photography set ups I've seen are either in broad
daylight or under enough tungsten light to soften a lead block.

Tesla coil streamers aren't very bright.

It's likely there have been some developments in the field I'm
not aware of and maybe it wouldn't be a problem these days
but that's the first question that pops into my head.


>Original Poster: "Reinhard Walter Buchner" <rw.buchner-at-verbund-dot-net>
>Hi Jim, Antonio, all,
>> Original Poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux-at-jpl.nasa.gov>
>> So who's got the million frame per second camera to take a look at
>>this stuff...  Maybe even a streak camera would do?
>I have been wanting to ask about this, but kept forgetting. Does
>any one have access to a high speed camera? It would be very
>interesting to see how streamers actually grow. I personally
>have seen HSCs that can take about to 500,000 pictures per
>second (a real mechanical engineering feat, just thinking about the
>power that is necessary to spool the film through this fast. A F1
>race car is nothing in comparison). The problem is the attached
>price tag of such a camera is just about as high as the frame rate
>and I doubt we coilers could afford this, but maybe someone out
>there has connections to the film industry and could them into
>taking some pictures of this. As the camera are mechanical, there
>should be no danger for such an expensive piece of equipment. I
>REALLY would be interested in seeing such pictures.
>Coiler greets from Germany,