Re: First coil - questions

to: Shannon

You need the best possible ground connection you can provide for the base
of your seondary coil.  An external out-of-house ground with a copper rod
will provide the optimum potential rise on the secondary inductor.  As you
discovered, it won't work at all without it.  I'm not sure how much power
you are running into your system, but you should consider a minimum of 4
AWG welding cable for the ground connection.  The welding cable with its
many fine strands offers a quality path for the high frequency currents so
they aren't racing around your home's grounds and radiating into the local


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> Subject: Re: First coil - questions
> Date: Sunday, November 29, 1998 9:46 AM
> Original Poster: "Shannon Garvin" <keithg-at-datalight-dot-com> 
> I appologize, but I had made a few typos in my last post.
> I have corrected them here.
> Primary:
> >   .250" refer tubing spaced at .250" at 19" angle
> >   approximately .1875" spark gap (Four 2" copper couplings)
> each about 1/16 apart.
> > 2) If I connect my toroid, I get no arcs, even with a bump.
> I have tried to re-tune it.
> > 3) I am not connecting any ground to the secondary.  I thought
> > it was not 100% necessary, can anyone correct me? (Its
> > under construction.)
> Thats secondary, not primary.
> Sorry if I caused any confusion.
> Keith