Re: Controling a Pole Pig

to: Vivian

Without knowing all the exact data for the exact model number of the
transformer you have, I would suggest using an external non-saturable core
inductor for power limiting.  Even if you could contact the manufacturer
they would probably be reluctant to provide the information fearing you
might be a competitor.  A resistance of 0.5 Ohm, 10 kw, resistor in series
with a suitable inductor will provide very smooth operational control
without problems.


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> Subject: Controling a Pole Pig
> Date: Sunday, November 29, 1998 11:42 AM
> Original Poster: "Vivian Watts" <V.C.Watts-at-btinternet-dot-com> 
> Hi All,
>     Steve Rodway and I collected 4 Pole pigs last week from Eastern
> which is East of London.  I had one but I think Steve is seeing how many
> can collect :-).  The are 240V to 11KV and 16KVA.  They cost nothing but
> time and travelling (16Hrs).  I understand about Balasting using
> and inductive loads but would another way be to cut a slot in the
> path in the transformer.  Is this a done thing in Pole pigs?  How big a
> slot?
> Thanks
> Viv Watts UK