Re: xfrmr

Too low of a voltage.  Your better off using a couple microwave transformers
if that is the voltage you want.  They're cheaper, and readily available.
If you
could find two of these potential transformers and put them in series, that
be a much more viable option.

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>Original Poster: Robert Volk <smrtmny2-at-earthlink-dot-net>
>Hi all.
>I have an opportunity to purchase an old potential transformer cheap. I
>haven't put it on the meter yet, but all looks fine. My question is if
>it would work for TC use very well. It's rated at 4000 V/ 5.5 amps
>(60hz). It's lots of current, but I don't know if the voltage is too low
>to use in this application. Any suggestions?
>Bob Volk