RE: LDPE source and thickness

If you are thinking of making a single cap, think again.
The use of 60 mil will be ok, in fact you can make a darn near
bulletproof cap with it. The catch is you must build at least
2 (at 12KV) and preferably 3 to place in series.
If you use a single cap, placing the full potential across
a single dialelectric, it *WILL* fail. The potential at the
edge is great enough to form corona, even under oil. This will 
degrade the PE until it punches through.
[what would be better, if you can find a source, would be 
0.015, or 0.030 and stack it. Less chance of a single point
failure punching through]

Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net

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> Subject: LDPE source and thickness
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> I would like to make rolled caps, and I'm looking for LDPE 
> sheets. I checked
> Mcmaster-dot-com, and they have 1/16'' and 1/8'' which is 62.5 MIL or 
> 125 MIL. I
> read somewhere that the best thickness is 90 MIL, which is impossible to
> obtain with these thicknesses.
> But I read somewhere that LDPE would resist 1200V/MIL, which means that a
> 62.5MIL sheet would resist a 75000 V tension. My xformer is rated 
> 12KV/30ma.
> Can I use the 1/16''-thick sheet for my caps??? And what do you 
> use a vacuum
> pump for in the building of a rolled cap???
> Thank you for your help
> Sam