RE: Plans for layered cap

Jorghe:  you can go to my site (http://www.access1-dot-net/mycroft) to get a
at my stacked caps in finished order.

I used 6mil sheets of PE, with aluminum foil. 5 sheets of PE between
each pair of foil. Lexan endplates with a homebrew strapping system to hold
it tight. The caps are actually strings of 3 caps in series. (The big one
is a *real* hybrid. 3x30 mil in series, in parallel with 2x42mil in series)
They have worked great with, in order of the last 18 months:
12KV 30ma, 12KV 60ma, and 14.4KV 200ma (estimated)

Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net

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> Hello Coilers !!
> Im trying to build a layered poly cap instead off a rolled poly cap
> since I dont have access to a vacum pump. I was browsing trough the
> pupman site on plans on how to build one but there dosent seem to be any
> does anyone have suggestions or hints on how to make one ??
> I figure its the same as building a glass cap the diffrence being the
> diaelectric factor and to make a plate you layer several poly sheets
> together and all this goes on thank with mineral oil. This way its
> easier to remove the air bubbles from between the layers of poly and
> aluminium sheets.
> Thanks in advance
> Jorge Fuentes