Re: vacuum pump

Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twf-at-verinet-dot-com>

At 08:46 AM 3/24/99 -0500, you wrote:

>>I don't know just how well they would work, but waterbed stores sell
>>aspirators for draining mattresses fairly cheap.  They have adapters for use
>>with sink faucets as well as normal garden hose connections.  

>When this thread started, I tried my water bed aspirator with a vacuum guage.
>I only got to 15 inches of vacuum and it had a nasty habit of injecting water
>down the vacuum line.  Maybe mine was bad, but one should be cautious about
>these cheap devices.  they are definitly far short of the fancy lab grade


I may be way off base here, but why not try a variation of the aspirator using
a shop vac.

Rich S.