Re: rolled poly cap

I Have not seen any PE that is thicker than 6 mil's at a hardware
store. The thickest I have seen is 10 mil, out of a catalog. But at
'Supply One' 250 square feet of 6 mil PE is a little less then 10.00
dollars, including tax. 

When I got the PE for my rolled caps (that I am in the process of
making now) I got 250' Sq., of 6 mil, and 500' Sq of 3 mil. 

Each cap I make will have about 90 mils of PE, obviously, many sheets.

If you are worried about the roll/rolls not fitting into x" pipe, than
make a couple and wire in series/parralell. And you could always put
one or more in a longer pipe.

Well thats my thoughts on that. 

Also, it should be noted that PE is Visqueen. I did not even know this
until I went down to buy some. So ask for visqueen, it may or may not
say PE, but look on the box its in, package, etc.


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> Hi
>         My son and I (emphasis on the I ) have decided to upgrade
our Tesla
> circuit
> by replacing the capacitor and primary coil.  We decided to build a
> poly cap. using Gary Lau's design as stated on his web site.  My
question is,
> Where do / can I find poly that thick.  The best I can come up with
is 6 mills
> which would require us to use 12 sheets per cap. , 2 caps. in series.
> Hopefully I can place both caps into the same PVC pipe.
>         Since I don't live to, to far from Gary (RI) , I thought he
may have a
> suggestion. Off list or on list, It don't matter.
> Rich Sebzda
> Your friendly nieghborhood catscan repairman

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