Re: Displacement Current Revisited

"  Ed -

  I also wondered about the compass test. However, Tesla said the RF
wave from the TC is not symmetrical so it would affect the compass if
field was strong enough. To my knowledge no one has ever made this test.
Hall effect IC could also be used. This test might also be a good tuning

  I agree a preliminary test of only the secondary could be made by
a small DC current thru it. This would give some idea of how nuch
would be required to deflect the compass and how to best align it.  

  Apparently the induction field falls off inversely as the cube and the
field falls off inversely as the square of the distance.

  John Couture"

        I haven't seen the Tesla quote you mention, but if he said that he was
just plain wrong.  In order for there to be a DC magnetic field from the
coil there would need to be a net DC current flowing in the secondary,
which would require a net DC voltage across the winding.  Not
reasonable.  Same reason that you can't pass DC through a conventional
transformer; no matter how distorted the waveform may be, the average
voltage must be zero.