Re: flyback transformers

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>Tesla List wrote:
>> Original Poster: "Ken Donnell" <bigken-at-a.crl-dot-com>
>> Does anybody know an off-the-shelf source for the old-style flyback
>> transformers that didn't have diodes and suchlike molded on the secondary
>> coil (or is there a way of shorting out these diodes to get AC out...)?
>> I've tried searching for junk TVs, but no luck--seems nobody throws away
>> anything that old around here (south California).
>> Thanks,
>> Ken Donnell
>        I'm interested too!  A couple of years ago I had a catalog (Dalbani?)
>listing replacement flybacks of various types, for prices between $15
>and $40, depending on the set.  Some had built-in rectifier stacks and
>some didn't.  Trouble is that I can't find the catalog or remember the

Fair Radio Sales had old-style flybacks at 3-for-$5 awhile back. I got a
few of them and they all worked fine. Don't know if they still have them or