Re: Mains Current Monitoring

Hi Brian,
I just bought a 50:5 current transformer from Grainger<www.grainger-dot-com>
the other day. It's the smallest one they list. I use it with a 5 Amp
A.C. panel meter that has a 0-50 Amp scale. Just pass one of the mains
thru the center hole, don't loop it. Part # 1T849, made by Simpson, a
little pricey at $33.50, but works great. They also sell 0-50 Amp scale,
5 Amp A.C.Ammeter (even more pricey!) If you already have the meter and
toroid, I would try your idea first, if you have some way of checking
the accuracy (clamp-on Ammeter, or known load). If you have a .5 amp
meter, you might make a 5 Amp shunt, and use the reddy-made current
transformer. Jist some ideas.......Keep On Sparkin' !...Tony Greer