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>  My stacked plate PE cap is coming on well too, although I only have
>  enough plastic (60 mils) for one layer at optimum value (10kV -at- 200mA /
>  50Hz=> 0.06uF) and am wondering if I'm pushing my voltage ratings here -
>  anyone who has experience with a similar setup, could you give me a
>  hint?
>  I also got my variac from Maplin (a UK co) and it looks good, rated for
>  8A but I would think it should cope with about 10 (it's really heavy!).
>  So, with a bit of luck, I should be ready for the UK Teslathon in May...
>  phew, it's harder work than I'd imagined.... much more physical labour
>  than that piddly microelectronics stuff!
>  Alex Crow
>  Happy Coiling All.........

I have built two rolled poly caps and lost them both due to overvoltage.  I
also used only one layer of .062 poly originally.  Two .030 layers would be
much better and three .020 layers would be even better.  In my opinion .062
poly is only good up to about 9 or 10 kv and will fail at 12 kv.  I think
three layers of .030 for .090 total is good up to 12 kv (talking ac, rms here)
and I think you need either four layers of .030 for 15 kv or perhaps six or
more layers adding up to .090 total.

What experience have others had in this area?

Ed Sonderman