Re: Small Tesla coil specs

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<< Hello,
 >    I am looking to build a small Tesla coil so I was wondering if anyone
> give me the specs and measurements that will resonate on a relatively small
> coil.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Ben >>


I made a small TC one time, using a 10kV, 23ma oil burner ignition
transformer.  This was built in a simple and cheap way.  I used #28
magnet wire on a 3" by 12" form.  The primary was flat pancake type,
using about 18 turns of # 12 pvc insulated stranded wire.  The capacitor
was .0015uF, mica (two .003uF, 8kV's in series).  I used a simple
foil covered toroid, 1.5" by 4.5".  The static gap had 8 silver electrodes,
(forming 4 series gaps), but other metals will work.  THe coil gave a 
nice crispy 13" spark output.  I just stuck a needle into the primary
wire for a tap point to adjust the tuning.  You could use a 7.5kV, 30ma
neon sign transformer (NST) instead of the OBIT (oil burner transformer).

No need to make the coil elaborate unless you want to.  It will work
just as well if it's real simple.

John Freau