PET and Mylar + PE bottles

We're doing organic chemistry in my chem 2 class right now and today we 
watched a video on polymers.  It fetured the invintor of the plastic pop 
bottle.  He sai that the meterial used was basicly two layers of 
polyethaline with the molecular chains perpandicular to each other.  He 
referered to it by its systematic name, which I don't remember, and then 
abrieviated it "PET".  I rembered from some of the messages in the list 
archive that this is the same as Mylar.  So I looked up Mylar in a big 
reference book during my lunch break and I found that PET and Mylar are 
the same, but the PE stands for polyester not polyethaline.  So what I'm 
thinking is that these are two different polymers that have the same 
abrieviation, can anyone confirm/ disprove that?

I noticed that some dishwashing detergant bottles appear to be made out 
of ldpe/hdpe.  They have the milky white colour and are flexible.
They also appear to be unpigmented.  Clear squeze bottles could also be 
used.  I'm sure there must be some where to get these cheaply.

Any responses would be greatly appriciated

Chris, via the inter-thingy

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