Started winding today....

I started winding my secondary today - my primary is nearly done, too,
although working that copper tube is much tougher on the hands and arms
than 0.71mm wire! I decided not to bother with a motor, so I made a
half-box (ie three sides) which clamps the secondary former just enough
to give a little tension and stop it rotating backwards. I drilled holes
in the sides for studding to hold the former and also to accommodate the
metal handle of a mop which accomodates my not insubstantial 20 kilo
spool of wire. It is very easy to just rotate the secondary by hand and
guide on the wire - I managed over 150 turns in less than an hour on the
first attempt, which is much better than trying to wind the thing in
your lap! I reckon I could get up to about 300 or 400 per hour if
I learn to be careful but speedy.

My stacked plate PE cap is coming on well too, although I only have
enough plastic (60 mils) for one layer at optimum value (10kV -at- 200mA /
50Hz=> 0.06uF) and am wondering if I'm pushing my voltage ratings here -
anyone who has experience with a similar setup, could you give me a

I also got my variac from Maplin (a UK co) and it looks good, rated for
8A but I would think it should cope with about 10 (it's really heavy!).
So, with a bit of luck, I should be ready for the UK Teslathon in May...
phew, it's harder work than I'd imagined.... much more physical labour
than that piddly microelectronics stuff!

Alex Crow

Happy Coiling All.........