Re: Capacitor Container Failure

My rolled poly caps did same thing - on 2 out of 3. What I discovered
was that the end caps I used were bad. One of the caps was a heavy duty
cap from Home Depot - it had no problems. The 2 that failed were a
slightly translucent plastic ( not the solid, opaque type from Home
Depot). They were thinner than the heavy walled one as well. Every cap
made from this junk cracked on me after a few runs, top AND
bottom.UUUGGGHHH! I bought the JUNK END CAPS from Ace Hardware.... never

Hope this helps,
Bob Volk

> The failure turned out to be a hairline crack in the side of the lower
> end cap.  The crack extends 1.5" vertically from the base.  It doesn't
> appear to go along the bottom of the endcap, but the paint may be
> obscuring it.  I am puzzled by this failure.  This doesn't seem to be a
> highly stressed area.  Being on the side, it is twice and thick as
> anywhere else and definitely didn't see the stresses during vacuum
> degassing that the bottom did.  My only guess is that the PVC cement
> softened it and somehow weakened it.  The coil (6" sec, 12KV, 120ma, 50"
> arcs)  has been run  5 times and the caps are only a couple of months
> old.
> Has anyone ever seen a rolled LDPE cap with a PVC container fail in this
> manner before?  Is painting PVC considered a bad practice?  Are there
> some crazy PVC glue dynamics that I need to be aware of?