Re: Displacement Current Revisited

On 03/13/99 06:07:25 you wrote:
>Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twf-at-verinet-dot-com>
>        I haven't been following the displacement current thread really
>well but
>I think these may be the currents that my VI antenna picks up.  The antenna is
>really two antennas.  One is sensitive to voltage or E fields and the other is
>sensitive to current displacement.  This is demonstrated by the fact that the
>wave forms are 90 out of phase from each other.
>Just a thought,
>        Terry


At the 1998 TCBOR Teslathon Dr. Mark S. Rzeszotarski 
demonstrated one of your planar antenna(s).  Folks were most pleased 
with his demonstration of the planar antenna(s).  

It's correct one is sensitive to the ES field.  The other is sensitive 
to the EM field and is 90 degrees phase shifted.  Dispalcement current 
plays no part here.

It's imperative that correct instruments are used to detect any of these 
different Tesla coil signals.  The instrument must be designed to detect 
one and only one type of electrical "field" and reject the other.
A differencing instrument electrometer with high CMRR (110-120 dB) will 
reject essentially all EM signals applied to both inputs.  It will easily 
measure ES differential signals.  

A simple wide band RF antenna and amplifier will detect EM fields, 
but not an ES field.

I put both types of pickups and amplifiers in a single cabinet so both 
types of fields around a TC may be monitored at the same time.  I mount 
the two small PC boards on the back of the mounting screws of both meters.  
They are very compact and the handheld instrument is quite portable. 

R. Wall