Re: Elementary Lecture

The fields I have measured (if field is a real term) are just the electrostatic
fields. (million volts per meter range)  While I have seen  and measured the
radiation field (electrodynamic- RF) it is so weak as to be virtually none
existant.  You would refer to the electrostatic field as a far field.

Finally,   I was being facitious regarding the action at a distance mumbo-jumbo
it is what I hold with.  It is a matter of one's choice of perspective.

Richard  Hull

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "John H. Couture" <COUTUREJH-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>
>   Richard H. -
>  Thank you for the information you supplied in your post. However, I cannot
> agree with you that "action at a distance" is "mumbo-jumbo". It does
> reasonably describe electrical forces that can create action at a distance
> with no physical connection between the source and the load.
>   You have given me a new insight of electrical fields when you describe
> these fields as "funky little field fingers reaching out across space". I
> know I will remember your description long after I have forgotten Maxwell's
> explanation.
>   I do not believe that "displacement currents" exist mainly because they
> are not needed to describe any electrical phenomena of today. Unfortunately,
> Maxwell's "electric displacement" has been misinterpretated as "displacement
> currents". The two wordings have completely different meanings. Have you
> ever measured displacement currents?
>   Coilers have mentioned near and far electromagnetic fields around radio
> transmitter antennas and Tesla coils. As you have probably made more Tesla
> coil measuremts than any coiler have you ever measured these fields and, if
> so, what were the results?
>   John Couture
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