Re: rotery for neons (whats a sink rotery)

to: Chris

Just a short handle, ie, nickname, for synchronous rotary spark gap, usually
1800 RPM with 4 electrodes firing on each peak of the AC sine wave.  Could
also be 3600 RPM with 2 electrodes (usually used on higher powered coils).
It's commonly called a synchro RSG  (not sink like in water sink).



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Subject: rotery for neons (whats a sink rotery)

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>What is a sink rotery? And I have the two 9Kv 30mA, and one 12K 30ma,
>which one would be better, the 9K's?
>> Phillip,
>> I've been using sync rotaries with NST's for some time now.  I find
>> they give a very smooth and efficient result.  Using a 12kV, 30ma
>> NST, I get 42" sparks.  Using a 15kV, 60ma, I get 64" sparks.
>> Much has to be optimized to get these results, toroid size,
>> cap size, etc.  I've posted the specs for these coils numerous
>> times in the past.  I have video tapes available that show the
>> construction and operation of these coils.   The rotary should be
>> a sync rotary because regular rotaries tend to destroy the NST's.
>> John Freau
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