Re: rotery for neons

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> Original Poster: Philip <shadow42-at-totcon-dot-com> 
> Ive read and seen rotery gaps for piggies, but are there any roters in use
> for their neon cousins? I france 12kv 90ma that this will be used with. I
> also have two 12kv 30ma's that could be used later. I thought Terry fritz
> did this once ,but I could be wrong.
>   Thanks,
> Philip Mac Duffie


I've been using sync rotaries with NST's for some time now.  I find 
they give a very smooth and efficient result.  Using a 12kV, 30ma
NST, I get 42" sparks.  Using a 15kV, 60ma, I get 64" sparks.
Much has to be optimized to get these results, toroid size,
cap size, etc.  I've posted the specs for these coils numerous
times in the past.  I have video tapes available that show the
construction and operation of these coils.   The rotary should be
a sync rotary because regular rotaries tend to destroy the NST's.

John Freau