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> John
> what tetrode did you use? This is quite clever!
> Also, when you refer to 3 pulses/sec are you
> associating this with the time constant to charge
> the DC filter cap? Is this rule of thumb? What
> happens if you increase the rate?
> John G


I was using a 4-250A.  Yes, if I increased the pulse rate, the small
NST could not charge the filter cap fast enough and the output
spark length decreased.  If I had used a non-shunted transformer,
then the spark length would have been maintained, and the input
current would have risen of course.  I used the NST mostly as
proof that the concept (lower peak power input) was working.

The 3 pulses per second applied only to that system, based on
the supply and demand of power.

John Freau 
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