Re: Spark Gap Construction Questions

Did the fan have four connection points on it?  If so, you need to connect
the AC line directly to one motor.  And for the other connection point,
connect to two caps to the AC line.

In other words:

---- AC ----|---------|
            |         |
           ---        |
           ---        M1
            |         |
-----AC--|------------|            |
         |                         |
        ---                        M2
        ---                        |
         |                         |

This is most likely an AC synchronous motor.  It consists of (essentially)
two windings.  One winding needs to be 90deg out of phase with the other,
hence the caps.

If this is the type of motor, you should find that this will fix your problem.

Mike Vigorita

At 10:20 PM 3/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Original Poster: Chris Tominkson <internetinbox-at-yahoo-dot-com> 
>I recently went to "Twin City Surplus", in Reno and bought some stuff
>for a spark gap. I got a medium sized  AC motor, it has nothing on it
>to tell anthing about it, and a 3.75" AC fan. The fan says 7200 RPM,
>220 volt. When I hooked up the motor, it ran fine, when I hooked up
>the fan, it was spinning VERY slow, like 30 RPM. 
>Does anybody know what could be wrong? If its relevant, it says "Use
>with external Capaciter" on the outside, and gives a value, which I
>can't remember.

Mike Vigorita