Re: Cap discharge time: was: Re:NEW break-rate/power tests

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Marco Denicolai" <Marco.Denicolai-at-tellabs.fi> 
> Reinhard,
> your statement is correct in these terms:
> a break rate of 4 kHz will allow the capacitor to discharge less than a 2
> kHz break rate. Break rates below 1 kHz will almost all allow the capacitor
> to completely discharge.

Isn't this dependent on your system topology?  If you have a single cap in
your primary circuit, then this is true.  Otherwise, as in a TCBOR  
"equidrive" system with two caps, one on each leg, there is no direct
path for any residual DC to bleed off.  The capacitor discharge would
totally be a function of your gap - if your gap stopped conducting while
there was substantial voltage left on the cap, the caps would stay
substantially charged.