Re: Displacement current

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> Original Poster: "Dr. Resonance" <Dr.Resonance-at-next-wave-dot-net>
> to: Rich Hull
> Displacement currents do exist and they do have a magnetic field.  A common
> example of displacement current is a EM wave, ie, radio.  It has both a
> magnetic and electric component.  At UW (Wis) and Sandia they measure
> displacement currents and magnetic fields in plasmas almost on a daily
> basis.

Plasmas are conductive have current carriers in them and do not apply.
and other capacitor dielectrics are all atomic in nature and have electron
orbitals to swing and move about under electrostatic tension. These can support
currents and thus mag fields.  All  bulk dielectrics have magnetic fields
produced in them due to this interaction. (Acutally a plasma is much more akin
to a piece of copper wire as it is totally conductive and non-insulating, and
thus a non-dielectric)

Vacuums by definition are voids  No matter, no electrons, no current carriers.
nothing to create a magnetic field between the plates or support current flow!
The 'fields' magically leap out of the plates and transfer the energy through
the void space.  Radio has to make use of the displacement current to explain
things, just as in the vacuum capacitor.  To the physicist (by current wisdom)
we "radio" the charge in a vacuum cap to the other plate.  There can be no
way to send the energy.  These folks laugh at the old concept of "action at a
distance" while assembling and accepting totally mental constructs of safe
"contact action" founded by Faraday to intuitively grasp the mysteries of what
he didn't understand.  All we have to do is just  accept that which can't be
proven, felt or touched in this one tiny little area and all the rest of
holds together!

It certainly satifies the self satisfied and self-annointed authorities, yet
troubled its genius creator to his death bed.

D.F. Bartlett's paper, (He is with the universtiy of Colorado physic
department), was published in the American Journal of Physics in the mid 90's I
believe.  I studied the reference about 4 years ago which I found in an article
which itslef is long lost.  I have my notes on his article, but not the
reference as I had it in hand then.  He actually made an elegant case for why
the mag field canceled in the vacuum flat plate cap using the Ampere laws.
Actually it was the biot-savart equations, which was a modifed version of
ampere-neumann's work on its way to becoming the Lorentz work.  See the book
Newton Vs. Einstien by Drs. Peter  and Neal Graneau for the full historical
story of how we were gently eased into the Lorentz law and field contact action
over a full century.

Richard Hull