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<< Hi all - 
> I was woundering if any of you had any tricks for winding secandaries?
> Thanks in advance!
> Ian >>


I don't use any special trick, I just mount a gear motor onto the side
of workbench, and use a foot switch variable resistor from a sewing
machine to vary the speed and torque of the motor.  Next I mount 
wooden discs to the ends of the secondary form.  Then I support the
form between the gear motor and a free-standing wooden tripod with
a bolt as a "center" that holds the form on that end.  

Then i place the wire spool on a homemade wooden holder with
center shaft so the spool can spin freely, and place this on the floor
below the horizontal form.  Then I attach the wire to the form where
the winding is to begin.  Then just run the motor, and guide the wire
by hand.  If you're interrupted and have to stop in the middle of the 
job, just place a piece of tape over the wire on the form so it stays
in place until you return.  You can sit on a chair while winding to
make the job relaxing and easy.

I show the winding set-up on some of my videotapes.  I forget which
tapes at the moment.

John Freau